Thursday, June 27, 2013

Maud Robinson 6-20-2013

Maud Robinson has long been a part of the town of Vienna. Her childhood was spent in Connecticut, where her father ran his own athletic gear business. She married Charles "Charlie" Robinson while both were young. Charlie persuaded her to attend the University of Virginia's law school--something Maud was not keen on--while he worked on his Masters degree. They then moved to the "dusty little town" of Vienna around 1950, which was, at the time, extremely rural. Both Maud and Charlie became very involved in the Town Council, fighting zoning battle after zoning battle. Charlie was elected Town Mayor in 1976.

According to Maud, three things drove Vienna's growth: the building of the first storefront library, the creation of the Vienna Community Center, and the increasing responsiveness of the town's government.  Maud credits the engagement of Vienna's citizens as the driving force behind why Vienna is what it is today.

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Interview conducted by: Caroline Gardiner and Virginia Harness