Richard C. Kirkland - June 16, 2014

Joining the Army Air Corps
The Japanese Fishing Boat "Mission"
Meeting Charles Lindbergh
Working in the Jungles of New Guinea
Landing Predicament at Leyte Gulf
Remembering Richard Ira "Dick" Bong
How WWII Fighter Pilots Spent Their Days Off
Working for the Air Force Rescue Service
Meeting General Eisenhower
Searching for the Lost Atomic Bomb
Working With Helicopters
Rescue Work while Stationed at a M.A.S.H. Unit
High Rent At Watergate
Meeting his Wife, Moving to Vienna
Living Next Door to Joe Theismann, Helicopter Rides for the Neighbors
Raising a Family in Vienna, "Peace, Love, & Ice Cream"

Roger Neighborgall - June 11, 2014

Joining the 69th Division of the 5th Ranger Battalion
Meeting General Patton
Describing His Personal Collection of WWII Ephemera
Vienna's Past Landscape
Westwood Country Club
Tragedy at the Old Theater
Madison High School
Our Lady of Good Counsel
Remembering Small-Town Vienna
W&OD Trail, Past and Present
Commuting to Washington, DC; Reflections on the Metro
Former Mayor Charlie Robinson's Fourth of July Celebrations

Frank Lancaster - June 28, 2013

Work as a CIA Librarian
Vienna in the 1960’s and Meeting Maud Robinson
Starting at the CIA
Rolling Road and Vienna Inn
Pigtail-Ponytail Softball League
Playing Santa Claus at the Freeman Store
Railroad Reenactment and Commemorative Coin
Library Memories, Storefront Library
Library Memories, Bookmobile, Grand Opening of Patrick Henry
Historic Vienna Docent at the Freeman Store
Halloween in Vienna
CIA Carpool and Tyson's Corner

Maud Robinson - June 20, 2013

Maple Avenue Trees
Vienna Diner and Orange Sherbet Story
Integration at Louise Archer Elementary School
First Baptist Church's Historic Baptismal Site
Personal Memoirs of the Vienna Town Council
The Developer versus Charlie Robinson Story
Charlie Becoming Mayor
Forming Vienna's Historic District and Walk on the Hill
Vienna Creates an Architectural Review Board
The Fight for Vienna's First Library
The Fight for Vienna's Community Center
Patrick Henry Library: "The Last Big Battle"

Shirley Martin - June 17, 2013

Auto-railer, Electric Line, W&OD Train
Being Southern
Fire Department Carnival
Doc Bradfield's, Feesers, Sanitary
Gladys S. Waggoner Ice and Fuel Company, Riding the Ice Truck
The Grumpy Watchman, Marshmellow Cream, Model-T, Movies
World War II, Watchtower, Writing Letters
Telephone Operator
Madison State Teacher's College, Cherry Smash, Marrying Wesley Martin
Halloween Parade and Wesley Martin's 'House on Fire' Float
Segregation and Integration
Vienna Woods, Growth in Vienna

Barbara Chaudet - June 27, 2013

How Vienna First Was
Vienna as Country
W&OD Train
Old Restaurants and Businesses
Old Businesses in Town
Vienna Inn Memories
Starting the Vienna Theater Company and Funny Memories of the Cast and Crew
Norm Chaudet and James Madison High School Theater
Hometown Story
Favorite Memories of Vienna including May Day at Vienna Elementary School

Jane Seeman - June 11, 2013

Full Interview
Vienna c 1968
Vienna's Racial Divide in the 1960's and 70's
Vienna's Rural Surroundings
Treasure Hunting on the W&OD Tracks
Viva Vienna and Other Town Festivals
Shopping in Vienna and Tyson's Corner
Metro Arrives, Concern about Crime
About Becoming Mayor and Citizen of the Year
Meeting Iraqi Woman and Being Mayor of Vienna
Why Vienna Changed