Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Barbara Chaudet 6-12-2013

Barbara Chaudet was born in Washington, D.C. in 1932. After growing up and attending college in that area, she moved with her husband Norman "Norm" Chaudet to Herndon, Virginia in the early 1954. Then, in 1960, Norm got a job as James Madison High School's first athletic director prompting a move into Vienna. Although she recounts many memories of the small businesses in town, Barbara still considered Vienna to be absolute "country". 

Norm eventually became involved in directing Madison's theater plays. In 1971, together with his former students, he and Barbara created the Vienna Theater Company, based out of the Vienna Community Center. While he directed, Barbara helped produce. She also was the director of Holy Comforter Episcopal Church's preschool. Barbara also shares memories of integration, town celebrations, and the change she has witnessed in Vienna. 

How Vienna First Was

W&OD Train

Old Businesses in Town, including a story on the Easter colored ducklings sold at the Peter Pan store

Old Restaurants and Businesses--Rexall, People's Drug, Conrad's--and Virginia Alcohol Law

Vienna Inn Memories

Norm Chaudet and James Madison High School Theater

Starting the Vienna Theater Company and Funny Memories of the Cast/Crew

Vienna as "Country"

Favorite Memories of Vienna including May Day at Vienna Elementary

"Hometown Story"

Interview conducted by: Caroline Gardiner, Virginia Harness, and David Shelby