A Timeline of Vienna

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1742 First courthouse built

1754 Colonel Charles Broadwater became the first to build a home in the town, which was then called Ayr Hill

1760s Colonel Broadwater's son-in-law John Hunter became the first residence in the town

1767 John Hunter built home Ayr Hill after his Scotland home

1816 First reference to Ayr Hill school

1849 Town name changed from Ayr Hill to Vienna

1858 Washington and Old Dominion railroad built

1840-1860 Huge influx of immigrants from New York come to Vienna

1863 March 9 Mosby raid on Fairfax Courthouse

1868/9 first black public school in Vienna established

1868-1903 Flagg family farm at Tyson’s Crossroads (Gallows and Leesburg) established, was eventually a large dairy operation

1872 first white public school established

1874 Vienna Presbyterian Church built

1881 Money and King Funeral Home (Vienna’s oldest continuous business) created

1890 Vienna receives a charter and becomes a legal town

1890 first mayor Major Orrin T. Hine elected

1897 Little Library established

1900, April 12 first telephone installed

1903 Vienna Volunteer Fire Department (oldest in Fairfax County) created

1903 Trolley line to Washington, DC built

1904 Electric Railway built (called the 'jitney')

1905-1910 Clarks School opens and closes

1910 Fairfax Historical Society created

1910 Chain Bridge Road rebuilt (went from Vienna to Tysons Corner, then mostly fields)

1920 Vienna's first town hall and first bank built

1922 Electricity comes to Vienna

1940 Wesley United Methodist Church built

1940 Vienna Halloween Parade started by Vienna Businessman’s Association (now Vienna/Tyson’s Regional Chamber of Commerce)

1948 First Baptist Church created

1950s Businesses boom

1950s Little League started, post-WWII rush to suburbs (10,000 new people come to Vienna)

1954 First Vienna modern shopping centers open, especially along Maple Avenue
1960 A Municipal Charter, usually reserved for cities, is granted to Vienna, giving it a Court for criminal, misdemeanor cases occurring within the town

1961 Fairfax Hospital (Fairfax County’s first hospital) opens

1962 Dulles International Airport opens

1966 Vienna Community Center opens

1968 Tyson’s Corner opens

1971 Patrick Henry Library opens

1974 First Walk on the Hill garden tour

1980, February 21 Zip Code Day, celebrations included the burying of a time capsule

1984 Vienna first historic district designated

1986 Vienna Metrorail Station opens

1986 first Viva Vienna hosted by the Rotary Club

1990 Centennial celebration, including a ball and a time capsule buried by the Town's caboose on Church Street